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Because impact takes more than one opportunity, we're also curating the experience, mentors and networks you need to answer those rando questions, champion your ideas and provide the high fives when you get that application in, 30 seconds before it was due.


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After carving out their own version of a purpose-driven career, Ripple co-founders Tim and Skye were named as Obama Foundation Leaders and Salad Aficionados. Get to know them.


From founders and former Prime Ministers to pirate watch volunteers and impact leaders a few steps ahead on their path, our guests have all taken risks to progress our society. They're here to share honest lessons, actionable advice and nuggets of wisdom that lead to their impact. Now, go get those nuggets.

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Picture this: an impact community of peers across the country who have your back. Get the encouragement, support, and inspiration you need to build momentum (it's networking... but without the ick factor)

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Foreign Affairs

Zoe is passionate about child safety and anti trafficking. After joining a Power Up session, she applied for and secured a role on the US Consulate's Youth Advisory Council.

Global Health

Jahin used a career mentoring session to secure a role in health policy. He leveraged this experience to advocate and speak on panels around the country, as well delivering his first TedX talk.

Financial Literacy

After attending a Power Up session, Diya secured an opportunity to represent Australia at the OECD Summit. She has now launched a startup supporting girls to develop financial literacy. 


Passionate about sustainability, Orlando leveraged his experiences in ECL '20 and Career Lab to secure a Fellowship to scale his social enterprise and level up his work in regenerative design.


Angelica discovered and was selected for the Judith Neilson Community Voices Program to learn from leading media experts and grow her work as a researcher, educator and community advocate.


Having been involved with Cricket Australia, State Emergency Services NSW, Vivid + more, Rahim used his diverse experience to consult to one of Australia's largest philanthropic organisations.

Venture Capital

ECL '21 alumni Clare combined her experience and passion for socially conscious deep tech to secure a role as Scientist in Residence at Blackbird Ventures.

Creative Business

Neeharika co-created the podcast 'Behind the Grind' and grew her team with support from the Ripple community. She is now growing BTG into a media company.

Wondering how to level up your impact?  

Whether you've just started studying or creating something, are in quarter life crisis mode, or working out how to leverage your skills for something bigger, we are here to help you zig zag your way to impact.

Emerging Civic Leaders

It's time to amplify the voices of our next generation and join the decision making table. Emerging Civic Leaders accelerates your civic and community leadership skills so together, we can strengthen our democracy. 

Career Lab

We spend 80,000 hours of our lives at work so why not channel your unique strengths and skills to shaping the future you want to see! Career Lab helps you accelerate your purpose driven career.


Gain experience, build a sizzle-worthy network and influence change by engaging directly with businesses, organisations and governments to shape a better future with your ideas and insights.